European Volunteer Service at Oudezijds 100


The Oudezijds 100 community is an ecumenical group of people who pray, live and work together, in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. We are inspired by other Christian communal forms of living, ranging from traditional monasteries to anabaptist communities, and currently consist of various families and singles, 75 people in total. Some of us live here permanently, others only temporarily, in order to rearrange their lives.
Founded in 1955, we offer shelter, and social and medical support for those in need, such as poor, homeless or refugees. For more information in English, see

Volunteer for a year: August 31 - July 15.

The Oudezijds 100 community offers people from abroad the possibility to join the community for a 10-month volunteer experience. This page will explain the challenges, requirements and application details for this project. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Volunteers help out with all kinds of activities, from cooking dinner to picking up the phone to looking after the small children or helping with maintenance within the community. Cleaning, laundry and helping out with all practical things to keep the community running is an important part of your tasks. This means that you mostly work within the community with all different people. Throughout the year, you will have weekly meetings with your mentor to help you reflect on your experiences.

At the end of a voluntary year you will have had a life changing experience, you will have got to know people from backgrounds that you would never encounter in your professional life, and you will certainly have discovered your own boundaries - by having hit them. The work that you will be doing is probably not the most challenging - it is the people that you have to do the work with. But they will also offer the most fruitful learning experience.

In short, you will have developed:

  • language skills - dutch and english
  • an in depth insight into society, its opportunities and dangers.
  • a profound insight in your own abilities and disabilities in critical situations
  • an interesting network of people with all kinds of cultural and religious backgrounds, nationalities and professions.
  • the skill to reflect on your own personality through community experiences

See our site for some testimonials of former EVS volunteers; for example

If you want to apply, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • be between 18 and 30 years old
  • live in a EU or Schengen country
  • have a strong motivation to do voluntary work
  • be willing to live in a different country and to learn Dutch
  • be part of a team/community and work together
  • be respectful towards the Christian faith, as well as other beliefs and religions
  • be available from September until the beginning of July 2018

If you want to apply, please send a letter of motivation and your CV to [email protected]. The current selection round will start soon, so make sure to send your letter before 15th of March 2018!